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O Pai Natal pode não morar na Noruega, mas provavelmente ele gostaria de morar. É uma terra de renas selvagens, cobertores de neve e magia que escorre por todas as cachoeiras e campos de flores silvestres. Um dos cantos mais cativantes deste país pode ser encontrado na base de um fiorde mundialmente famoso: Geiranger compensa a falta de uma cena metropolitana com uma paisagem dramática de guloseimas naturais. Terra de contos de fadas e fábulas, Geiranger é certamente mágica, mas também é uma aventura muito real na natureza.
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Santa Claus may not live in Norway, but he probably wishes he did. It’s a land of wild reindeer, blankets of snow, and magic that trickles down every waterfall and wildflower field. One of the most captivating corners in this country can be found nestled at the base of a world-famous fjord. Geiranger makes up for its lack of a metropolitan scene with a dramatic landscape of natural goodies. The land of fairy tales and fables, Geiranger is certainly magical, but it’s also a very real adventure into the wild.
Check out the first episode in our Discovery Film Series exploring Geiranger with Discoverers Florian and Lena!
Geiranger, Norway
N 62.10° / E 7.21°
Map of Geiranger
What's in a Name?
Fjord: noun. a long, deep inlet of the sea tucked between high cliffs and typically formed by submergence of a glaciated valley.
When to go
April-May & September-October
If you’re dreaming of a white Christmas, Norway is your place. Geiranger receives a lot of snow in the winter, which transforms the landscape into an icy wonderland. But this weather is not always ideal for travel, and many of the best hikes and views will be closed off. Summer is beautiful but can be incredibly crowded as cruise ships find their way to the fjord. We recommend late spring and early autumn to catch the weather turning and fewer tourists.
"Keep in mind that in the winter season some of the roads and ferries are closed in Norway, so plan your route carefully. To check the availability of roads use the Norwegian Public Roads Administration website."
Discoverer @marinafilimonova
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Dashing Through The Fjord
Yes, the preferred method of travel during the holiday season is a sleigh, but trust us, a kayak is a good alternative. Get up close and personal with the natural beauty by gliding across the icy glacier water to tour the fjord. Pass through the mist of the Seven Sisters and Lonely Suitor waterfalls, and discover the fables and myths of this magical region.
Trollstigen | @janoliverkoch
Did Someone Say Road Trip?
Hold onto your lunch, Trollstigen road is not for the faint of heart. This serpentine road winds up the mountain through hairpin turns and impossibly steep climbs. This nail-biting “Troll Path” redeems its precarious journey, however, with incredible vistas.
Cameras out!
If you want to access the best viewpoint in Geiranger, be prepared for a bit of a hike. Flydalsjuvet is an incredible photo opp, but it will take you off trail a ways through some slippery terrain. The view at the end is definitely worth it.
Skageflå, Geirangerfjorden  | @kaylapotterbaum
A Pretty Decent Backyard View
It’s one thing to navigate the winding roads and steep terrain of Geirangerfjord as a tourist, but can you imagine living here? Puts your commute in perspective. To truly place yourself in the locals’ shoes, visit one of the mountain farms sprinkled throughout the region. Many have been abandoned, like the popular Skageflå, but they still offer great views and challenging hikes. Our Discoverer Beate also recommends driving to Herdalssetra, a working farm where you can taste fresh goat cheese and interact with all kinds of farm animals.
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Bright Lights, Tiny City
Geiranger is a small, quiet mountain town, so if you’re looking for the pulsing beat of a big city, keep looking. While visiting Geiranger, however, you can take a trip to the small, nearby city of Alesund to see a few more faces. Tour the art nouveau architecture and stop into one of the delicious restaurants. With its own stunning viewpoints and adventures, this city should definitely make it onto your itinerary.
Iza's Discovery
"Geiranger is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen in my life. Incredible nature and breathtaking views create unforgettable and scenic landscapes. I still remember my first breath here when I woke up and heard the sound of waterfalls while looking at the shaggy, wooden houses covered with grass and mountains often shrouded in mist. Here you want to breathe, smell the grass and soak up every moment. Here I felt like I was in a fairy tale."
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Eat This
Food with a View
Geiranger is a small town, so restaurant options are a little limited. But the food is almost entirely locally sourced, so you will find fresh ingredients in every meal. The overwhelming favorite in Geiranger is Brasserie Posten, which serves fresh dishes with local ingredients. Be sure to stop by Sjokolade afterward for a delicious chocolate treat.
Stay Here
Casa Flamboyan
#allemannsretten  | @catharinasorum
Norway embraces a policy called “Allemannsretten” or “right to roam” which is basically the greatest thing a backpacker can hear. Allemannsretten allows you to put up a tent or sleep under the stars almost anywhere in the countryside (within certain parameters). No camping permits or expensive campground fees required! You have to follow the rules and be respectful of nature, but most of Geiranger’s surrounding wilderness is open for you and your sleeping bag.
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Pack it Up
Sunny days are rare in Geiranger. Whether it’s rain or snow, you’ll need to prepare for the elements. We've found a couple things to add to your packing list to stay warm and dry on your Norwegian adventure.
First, start with a warm base layer to keep your body heat in. SmartWool makes great base layers from soft merino wool to keep you cozy in the frigid fjord air.
Next, throw on a sturdy and reliable rain jacket, like this one from Arc'teryx, to protect you from the elements.
Finally, don't forget to protect your camera when you're out exploring. This camera bag from Matador makes it easy to get to those breathtaking viewpoints.

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