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Sabias que a Indonésia tem mais de 17 mil ilhas? Certamente fica difícil escolher quais conhecer, mas Lombok é uma das que vale a pena entrar no roteiro. A ilha de Lombok está repleta de lugares fantásticos, como praias, florestas, cascatas e o segundo maior vulcão da Indonésia.
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White sand beaches? Check. Lush tropical forests? Check. Turquoise waves? Check, Check, Check. Welcome to Lombok, your next epic tropical getaway. This little paradise is breaking out from its neighbor Bali’s shadow, earning its own recognition as a little piece of heaven. No matter what kind of traveler you are, you’ll find plenty of reasons to visit Lombok, and few reasons to leave.
Lombok, Indonesia
S 8.65° / E 116.32°
Map of Lombok
The name “lombok” literally means “chili” and the island is known for its spicy chili peppers. You might burn your mouth a bit, but the Sambal (a homemade hot sauce) is definitely worth trying.
When to go
The dry season in Lombok lasts from April to beginning of October, so be sure to book your trip in that sweet spot when it's less humid.
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I Lava You
There’s nothing dormant about this volcano. Mt. Rinjani is Indonesia’s second-highest volcano, and for those brave enough to hike an active volcano, it offers stunning views of Lombok. At the very top you’ll find the crater lake filled with the bluest water you’ll see on the island (which is saying something). Don’t forget to visit the nearby hot springs, Aik Kalak, to ease your sore muscles.
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Monkeying Around
On your way to Mt. Rinjani, make a stop by Pusuk Park and befriend the locals. This beautiful forested park is populated by some very friendly, very mischievous monkeys. Hold on to your belongings, these little rascals will take anything that isn't nailed down.
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Don’t Forget to Stretch
If the challenging hike to the top of Mt. Rinjani seems a little daunting, you can test your legs on a smaller hill nearby. Bukit Pergasingan is an hour hike to the top (give or take) and offers an incredible view of the colorful nearby rice fields. Spend the night in the campsite at the top of the hill, and catch a breathtaking sunrise in the morning.
Beach Don’t Kill My Vibe
Senggigi Beach
The main tourist beach known for its killer view of the sunset.
Mawun Beach
Tucked away in a little horseshoe bay, giving you a more secluded experience.
Tanjung Aan
Ideal for snorkeling with clear turquoise water and subdued waves.
Selong Belanak
Nearby is a small fishing village with farmers marching their buffalo along the sand.
Pink Beach
Go around sunrise/sunset to see how this peachy beach got its name.
Semeti Beach
These ragged rock formations are nicknamed Krypton after Superman's home.
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Let’s Go Chasing Waterfalls
Tiu Teja is famous for the rainbow that often appears in its mist. It's a bit of a hike to find, but the view waiting at the end is worth the sweat.
Hendrick's Discovery
"Bukit Mounjet provides a place to take selfies in a giant hand, which from behind presents a very interesting view of rice fields and farmers that looks like a painting. Visitors can also stay at this place. At the top of this hill, there’s a campground that is roomy for the visitors who want to enjoy the atmosphere of the night."
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Eat This
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Sate Rembiga
There are a lot of local dishes you should try in Lombok, but the Sate Rembiga is one of the best. This dish consists of seasoned beef grilled on bamboo skewers, and goes great with warm rice and veggies. Bon appetite!
Stay Here
Casa Flamboyan
Hotel Tugu Lombok
Pinnacle of Peace
Hotel Tugu Lombok brings together local culture with the height of luxury. Artful and serene, this resort reflects the island itself with access to white sand beaches, shimmering pools, and a quiet atmosphere to relax.
guide me
Tanjung Aan, Kuta Lombok | @lukmanthusiast
Hidden Corners
Discovery is the best part of every journey, as Discoverer Janssen found out when she carved her own path on her trip to Lombok.
"Lombok is like your first kiss that you’ll never forget...There are secret beaches around Lombok and it’s such a treasure to get to have a beach by yourself without hundreds of tourists. Go by scooter and you’ll find hidden beaches worthy of a sunset. Bring food and water for there are no food stalls ahead."
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Discoverers of Lombok
I Discover To...
Wahyu Mahendra
01Flores, Indonesia
"I Discover To...get more life experience and see the beauty of nature."
"I met a local friend in Lombok through Instagram and now we are traveling the island together. He showed me the Tiu Kelep waterfall before it became popular. This waterfall is the most beautiful waterfall in Lombok. The water is really clean and fresh. Now it's more touristy, but still worth a visit."
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